Projects selection

Holiday cottage
Kortgene, Netherlands
Blueprint planning architecture
all phases lighting design

Kortegene GR

Church St. Antonius
Brasschaat, Belgium
all phases lighting design

Lichtwirkung_Schnitt_alle   Skizze schnitt

Hotel de Tourrel
St. Remy, France
all phases lighting design

Hotel D'Almeran    Hotel D'AlmeranHotel du Tourrel

Garden and exterior illumination
Residential house, Brasschaat, Belgium
All phases lighting design

Colonius Carree, Cologne, Germany
Architects: Mronz + Kottmair, Cologne
Interiordesign: Liitoo, Cologne
consulting in all phases
L+RC in cooperation with Heike Bertschat Interiordesign, Cologne

Fundaçión Lukas
Residential and therapy building for handicapped children
Alicante, Spain
Blueprint planning to site management



Exposition "Krönungen" Aachen, Germany
Exposition design: Ingrid Bussenius, Cologne
All phases including site management