Member of program committee
Licht 2020
Bamberg, Germany
Member of accreditation committee
study course "Interiordesign"
University of Applied Sciences, Wismar, Germany
Competition brief and member of jury for "The future of urban lighting"
PLDC Paris, France
Consultant for the search committee,
professorship “Entwurf, Gebäudetechnik, Lichtkonzepte”
University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany
2014 Consulting member of the search committee, professorship "Farbe, Licht und Materialgestaltung", University of applied sciences, Wismar, Germany
2014/2015 Founding member
FILD, Federation of International Lighting Designers
2012 Consulting member of the judging panel,
competition “Brückenplatz in Lüdenscheidt”, Germany
2008 Member of the judging panel,
“Best stand” International Bookfair, Guadalajara, Mexico
2008 Initialisation and Execution of a university partnership of University of Applied Sciences, Wismar and UAM, Mexico