Professorship for “Farbe Licht und Materialgestaltung unter der Berücksichtigung humanwissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse” at University of Applied Sciences Wismar, Germany

March 2003 till May 2012

Avocational Professorship "Lightingdesign"Ankündigung LP2 WS 14_15 at PBSA Düsseldorf, Germany

in collaboration with Peter Andres

September 2012 till September 2019

Guestlecturer for "Lightingdesign" at University of Antwerp, Interior Architecture

February 2019 till August 2019

Lecturing, it seems logically to start combining the actual knowledge of human perception with its dependency from light. Perception and its direct interrelation with light should thus be taught in a first step to students. Assembling on this knowledge, they can start with a planning proces. Investigation, teaching and planning should be merged and profit from each other.

In this sense, the first course "Lightingdesign 1" starts with the fundamentals of human perception; followed by the fundamentals of lamps and luminaries and their application in projects. In parallel a small project is developed step by step in form of a small thesis. The topics of the lectures follow simultaneously.

Within the second course, "Lightingdesign 2" the project stands in the focus. All phases of the project are supported by lectures given parallel. Presentations are made within the whole group so that the learning effect by learning from others is given.

The most important Philosophy lies within the approach of a project. We design light not luminaries. "Thinking in light" as the first phase of a draft means thinking about atmospheres together with room dimensions, colors and materials.During the second phase we learn how to realize these atmospheres with the help of types of luminares.During the third phase we define products from different manufacturers. A list of luminaries and a catalogue of luminaires is developed and with the reflected ceiling plans within symbolic representation of the luminaires, drawn to scale as well as the light they emit concludes the project.

This way makes it possible to provide the students with a fundamental knowledge within few teaching hours. We do not want to educate lighting designers but to teach architects and interior architects as qualified dialogue partners. We try to give them a good feeling for light.

Even this with the focus on the user. Human Centric Lightingdesign.

Proactive student competitions

Student competition “Ministrone”, Schwerin, Germany
Organisation and realisation of a student´s competition
for the office of Ministry of Education Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
September 2003

Student competition „Handelsblatthaus“, Frankfurt, Germany
Organisation and realisation for a temporary illumination of
“Handelsblatthaus” Frankfurt for “Luminale“ at “Light and Building”
May 2004
Sponsored by: HS- Wismar, ag Licht, Jo.Franzke Architekten

Competition „775“, Wismar, Germany
Organisation and realisation of a pavilion for the 775th
anniversary of the city of Wismar
July 2004
Sponsored by: HS- Wismar

Competition „living in dignity“
Planning for possible realisation of houses for the indigenous
population of Chinhuapan, Mexico
Parallel development with the Faculty of Architecture and Design
„University of Applied Sciences Wismar“ and „UNAM“ Mexico D.F.
2008 / 2009